May 16-17, 2024 | Tampa, Florida

Inaugural Summit on Subconcussive Trauma and Brain Health

Ending the Path to CTE: Empowering a New Era of Brain Health by Confronting the Unseen Perils of Subconcussive Impacts.

Featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Anne McKee

CME credits for symposium presentations that meet the criteria will be provided by USF Health.

We are thrilled to announce the preliminary speaking faculty for our Inaugural Summit on Subconcussive Trauma and Brain Health.

  • Ann McKee, MD, is William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor of Neurology and Pathology at

    Boston University and Director of Neuropathology for VA Boston. Dr. McKee is a neurologist and

    neuropathologist whose career focuses on Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy

    (CTE). Her groundbreaking work on the long-term effects of repetitive head impacts, concussion, and

    blast injury in contact sports athletes and military veterans revolutionized scientific thought regarding

    head trauma.

  • John F Crary, MD, PhD, Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. He runs the Crary Laboratory
    and the Neuropathology Brain Bank and Research CoRE at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

  • Julie Stamm, Author and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she teaches Human Anatomy and continues to study brain trauma in youth sports.

  • The Honorable Jarrid “Jay” Collins, Florida State Senator, District 14. Senator Collins is a highly-decorated Army Special Forces combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient with over two decades of
    service. As a husband, father, Green Beret, and non-profit leader with over 20 years of dedicated service, Senator Collins has seen firsthand that “leadership comes at a cost, and that cost is self-interest.” He knows that while career politicians are focused on pursuing their own ambitions, real leaders put their personal concerns last, finding real solutions to the problems facing the American people.

May 16-17 Tampa, Florida

This conference is expertly curated to convene distinguished stakeholders from the research, medical, psychological, veteran, and legislative sectors. Our primary aim is to delve into the profound implications of subconcussive trauma across children, adults, and veterans. Together, we seek to spotlight cutting-edge advancements in scientific research, diagnostic techniques, and treatment modalities, ensuring that these critical insights are communicated effectively to the public.

This summit will provide a platform for sharing research, knowledge, exchanging ideas, and fostering collaboration to advance our understanding of this critical issue.

Call for Speakers & Presenters.

Held at The University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS).

Join us at the forefront of breakthrough discussions on subconcussive trauma. We are seeking esteemed professionals to contribute their knowledge and expertise at our upcoming conference.

We are looking for Keynote & Break-Out Speakers who can cover any of the following topics:

Science & Research Tracks

Outreach, Treatment, & Awareness Tracks

Policy & Collaborative Ventures Tracks

Tracks on Diagnosis and Identification of RHI affected Patients

Science & Research Track

– Are you affiliated with medical research universities or

– A practitioner in psychology or psychiatry?

– Representing National Health Agencies?

Share your latest findings on cerebral structural impacts, the interplay between psychological dysfunction and brain damage, the repercussions of repeated head injuries in contact sports, and the deep dive into subconcussive trauma in veteran populations. Highlight the far-reaching consequences of repetitive head impacts, such as cognitive decline, neurodegenerative diseases, and mental health disorders.

Diagnosis and Identification of RHI affected Patients Track

– Push the boundaries with us on cutting-edge diagnostic methodologies.

– Introduce us to the future with advanced imaging techniques.

– Share novel developments in Traumatic Encephalopathy Syndrome (TES) en vivo biomarkers.

– Unveil wearable tech capturing the subtle nuances of subconcussive impacts.

Outreach, Treatment, & Awareness Track

– Illuminate the path to transformative treatments, from the possibilities of Cryotherapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to the groundbreaking potential of psychedelics, with a special emphasis on Ketamine.

– Empower communities with enhanced awareness and education, especially within the medical and psychological circles.

– Navigate the intricate maze of policy implications and chart out the next steps.

Policy & Collaborative Ventures

– Address the dire need for policy reforms and establish guidelines to safeguard those exposed to subconcussive trauma.

– Spotlight the future of research, highlight collaborative opportunities, and champion the cause of the most vulnerable – be it children, veterans, domestic abuse survivors, or the incarcerated.

If you can provide insights, innovations, or influential strategies in these domains, we eagerly await your participation. Elevate our discourse, shape the narrative, and help create a safer tomorrow for all.

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